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Forum Guidelines

Post  PixelJumpers on Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:59 pm

Please follow these guidelines if you wish to remain a member of our forums:

1) No flame wars - Respect the views and opinions of other members. Out of control arguments will be locked. Any abusive posts directed at any forum members will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be warned then banned.

2) Respect and obey admins and moderators- Admins and moderators will warn and ban any that violate these rules. Openly mocking or questioning mods and admins will be met with a thread deletion and possibly ban of the user. If you have a problem the proper way to handle it is to to PM the staff.

3) There is to be no posting of pornographic, offensive or racist material. This is a public forum and we want to keep it clean. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned.

4) Keep posts on topic as much as possible. If we feel that a thread has gone way off the rails it will be locked.

5) Keep post bumps to a minimum. There may be periods of time where a post will be knocked down by a flurry of active posts. You are allowed to bump your topic ONCE. If you spam your own thread it will be locked.

6) Advertising - Posts dedicated to advertising a website are not allowed and will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. The exception to this rule is your forum signature. You can do whatever you want with your signature provided it does not violate rule #3. If it does you will be notified. Failure to change our signature in a timely fashion will result in deletion of your signature. Warnings and bans will be handed out if the offending material is restored.

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